What Are The Most Popular Diamond Cuts & Why?

What Are The Most Popular Diamond Cuts & Why?

Diamonds are best known for their capability to transfer light and sparkle so intensely. We usually think of a diamond’s cut as a shape, but what diamond cut really means is how well a diamond facet interrelates with light precisely, the artist requires to style a stone so its proportion, symmetry, and polish deliver the magnificent return of light, only possible in the diamond. Diamond Bource is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of loose diamond, certified diamond, and cut and polished diamond. We use advanced technology to manufacture the best quality diamond. We have a hard-working, self-driven, team player, and innovator who is always ready to take on new challenges in the way we handle production and execute our client's orders. We have a wide range of products and unmatched price gives you a perfect blend of quality and quantity. We believe that the diamond displays our morals and therefore we showcase maximum transparency in all our processes which reflects in our competitive price. 

Brief Understanding of diamond cut

Diamonds are well-known for their capacity to transmit light and shine so intensely. We often think of a diamond cut as a shape like round, square, circle, oval, etc. but the cut of the diamond actually means how well a diamond facet interacts with light. Our workers and workmanship are required to fashion the stone so its proportion, symmetry, and polish deliver the magnificent return of light that is only possible in a diamond. 

Achieving the best cut for diamond reflects the stone’s final beauty and value. And of all the diamond 4C’s, the cut of the diamond is the most multiplexed and technically hard to analyze. To influence the cut grade of the quality round brilliant diamond- the structure that influences most diamond jewelry. Diamond Bources calculate the proportion of those facets that influence the diamond’s face-up appearance. Thee proportion allows Diamond Bources to interact with light to create a desired visual effect such as-

  • Brightness i.e. internal and external white light mirrored from a diamond. 
  • Scintillation i.e. the amount of sparked diamond produced and the pattern of light and dark area caused by reflection within the diamond. 
  • Fire i.e. the distribution of white light into all the shades of the rainbow. 

Factors that affect the Diamond’s Cut

The most important circumstance in a diamond’s value and the price is its cut standard. There are many elements that are involved in the cut quality including its proportion, facets, finishing details, and ability to reflect light. The better these characteristics are as a whole, the higher is the quality of the diamond and in return the higher is the price. White color and clarity play a role in a diamond's beauty. Cut is the most crucial aspect of the diamond. 

Here are the main factors that affect the price of the diamond-

  • Proportion
  • Symmetrical facet
  • Brightness of white light reflection.
  • Dispersion of colored light.
  • The flash of sparkle when it moves.
  • Permanent treatment and polishing.

A diamond from Diamond Bources seems to be cheap if you are going by colors and clarity. But if you look at the proportion, the diamonds are horrifically cut. It is incredibly huge and has a stupendous table. Under perfect lighting you may see some sparkle. We offer you the best quality diamond at a very reasonable price. We aim at building a strong and long lasting professional relation with the customer by providing them with the best quality products. We use the latest technology for manufacturing the best quality diamond. And all the diamonds are made under the guidance of well experienced technicians. So, if you are looking for the best quality diamond at a very reasonable price then we will offer the best quality diamond to you.