Best Asscher Cut Diamonds Manufacturers in Surat

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Diamond-Cut With Perfect Shape

Counted amongst the Asscher Cut Diamond Manufacturers in Surat, we manufacture modern asscher cut diamonds that are similar to a square emerald cut, usually with larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table. 

This type of diamond often produces more brilliance than the emerald cut. A well-cut asscher will appear to have concentric squares as you look down through the table, the result of proper positioning of the pavilion facets underneath.

Like the emerald cut, the asscher cut diamond has cropped corners; however, because an asscher is square, the cropped corners give the asscher cut a somewhat octagonal shape. 

Once mounted in a four-prong setting, the diamond maintains its unique shape within a square silhouette.

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Moreover, we are considered as one of the renowned Asscher Cut Diamonds Exporters India that distribute precisely produced diamond cuts with excellent fire and brilliance keeping in mind the time factor.

While square Emerald Cut Diamond and asscher cuts are similar in facet patterns, Asscher's tend to have a depth of 60% or greater and a smaller table. Asscher cut diamonds typically have the following characteristics:

  • High crown
  • Small table
  • Deep and slightly bulging pavilion
  • Wide-cut corners
  • Wide windmill reflection
  • House of mirrors (concentric square patterns)

GIA, IGI, HRD Certified Diamonds