The History of the Princess-Cut Diamond

The History of the Princess-Cut Diamond

A princess-cut diamond is traditionally a square diamond that offers brilliance. This stylish diamond originated from the reversed pyramid of uneven diamond stone. Princes' cuts are among the most brilliant of all diamond shapes and are a popular choice for an engagement ring. The highest quality of princess cut diamonds is those with a distinct square shape with a length to the width ratio of 1.0-1.05. Princess cut diamonds are truly stunning for the engagement ring. If you come across the name princess shape, understand this means the same thing as princess cut. Diamond Bources offers you the best quality princess diamond that is perfectly suitable for your engagement ring. Moreover, you can give this to your love on any occasion. 

Key Features of Princess Cut Diamond

  • The square-shaped diamond with the most brilliance.
  • Contains two or more chevron patterns.
  • Cost less per carat than round cut because more of the rough stone is maintained during the cutting process. 
  • Princess cut diamonds are most popular for engagement rings as well as for earrings. 
  • Princess cut diamonds are also called square modified brilliant and rectangular modified brilliant. Though a rectangular princess cut is not desirable. 

How Many Facets Does A Princess Ring Have?

A princess-cut diamond usually has 50-58 facets depending on how the diamond is cut. Most of the surfaces are on the pavilion and garland, with a few on the strap. Princess cuts also typically have two or four chevron patterns, which is a cross pattern that can be seen when viewing the diamond from above. When a diamond has two chevron structures, the diamond considers valiant flashes of white and colored light. When a diamond has four chevrons, the diamond has more vibration. Before you buy a princess-cut diamond, be sure to look closely to ensure it offers the brilliance and fire that you are looking for. 

Princess-Cut- Top Choice Among the Diamond Cutter

The princess cut is the favorite of diamond cutters due to the most common reason that it is the yield from the rough. Cut the piece of rough in two down the middle. You would be basically left with the two cuts of the diamond. All that is left to do is add some structure to the tip of the stone and some brilliant faceting. Now, imagine how much diamond material you would lose if you were to cut a round brilliant out of that piece of rough. The difference is quite stark. 

Princess Diamond Cut Quality

Perhaps the trickiest part of buying the best stone for a princess cut diamond ring is the cut quality. With round it's easy. With princess cut though you are pretty much on your own. Diamond Bources offers only the best quality princess cut diamond to you. Unlike round, there is really no industry-wide consensus on what parameters mark up the perfect princess cut. The whole origin of this cut is bound from a craving to minimize a diamond loss on the polishing hoop. As opposed to premium cut round diamonds, princess cut diamonds are cut to fit the shape of the rough and not the reverse. 

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