Best Asscher Cut Diamonds Manufacturers in India

Diamond Bourse is India’s biggest supplier of precise and accurate diamonds and diamond cuts. 

An Endless Array of Fine Finish Diamonds in India

As we are one of the highly sought-after Asscher Cut Diamond Suppliers in India, we cater to supply a big collection of asscher cuts in various regions of India that are similar in physical and chemical characteristics with the Emerald Cut Diamond.

The Asscher cut diamond is a square cut characterized by a smaller table and larger step facet than an emerald cut. It features dramatic, cut corners. 

It usually has a high crown and a deeper pavilion than today’s emerald cuts. Because of its high crown and small table, the Asscher cut has more light and fire than an emerald cut.

Asscher Cut Diamonds With Perfect Shape & Clarity

Furthermore, we are also one of the renowned Asscher Cut Diamonds Exporters India that supply varied Certified Diamond cuts precisely manufactured using the cutting-edge technologies not only in India but also covers all cities.

We offer asscher cut diamond in India that has a similar visual appearance when observed from the top and looks almost matches with the emerald one but it has more cut corners and large facets (around 50-58 and the ideal length to width ratio is 1-1-04) for higher inclusions as well as better fire and brilliance.

These diamond cuts are heavily in demand in India by the current populations due to their popularity and extreme alluring appearance. 

Without thinking twice, connect to the leading supplier of high-quality diamond cuts in India and get the experience of pure and certified diamonds.

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